Breaking Forth

March 22, 2019 • Dr. Mark Lantz

Isaiah 54:2-3 offers a promise of breaking forth to the right and to the left. But is that a promise for us today? And if it is, what does it mean? How do we apply it in our modern world? What is God saying here, and what is He telling us to do with it? Dr. Mark Lantz reads in these words a promise for provision and abundance in your life, but you must be ready to receive it. He dives into the book of Isaiah to examine closely this promise from God, and to explore what you must do to prepare and what you must expect to move from the ordinary to the extraordinary in your life.

Look Up

July 14, 2019 • Dr. Mark Lantz

We all have a tendency to judge the health of people by their outward appearance, but this is simply too short-sighted for reality. Despite outward appearance, there are people within the church who are completely bound by a spirit of depression and anxiety. These people are bent in two so that it is impossible for them to see the world around them and the beauty that God has given to them. In Luke 13, Jesus encountered a woman who was physically bent in half, unable to look up to see where she was going. This is the position these people find themselves in spiritually. But what we learn from this passage is that Jesus was able to heal this woman with just a word, as well as silence those who were more concerned about tradition than with the real person in front of them. Join Dr. Mark Lantz as he examines this passage in this sermon, entitled Look Up.

Break Through

July 10, 2019 • Pastor Scott Phenis

We all face trials and struggles. At any given moment, you're most likely facing some sort of opposition. But sometimes, those struggles seem like more than a day-to-day battle. Sometimes it feels like you're up against a wall that you cannot break through. You're stuck in one position, and it feels that you'll never be able to escape. These times come to us all, and God knows that. That's why He gives us some real encouragement and instruction in His Word for these times. Join Pastor Scott Phenis as he examines these difficult times in Break Through.

The Power of the Passover

The Passover is one of the most famous of the Jewish feast days. It commemorates the night God convinced Pharaoh to release the Israelites, and it was the last thing Jesus did with His disciples before His crucifixion. What is the significance of this day, and what else does it symbolize for us? There is so much packed into this single feast, and it tells us so much about our walk with God and the way He interacts with us as His children. Join Dr. Mark Lantz as he dives into the tradition of Passover and what it signifies to the New Testament believer in this sermon, The Power of the Passover.