Life Matters

March 15, 2019 • Dr. Mark Lantz

The Bible teaches us that every life has value. No questions asked. We hear the words "life matters" thrown around a lot, but what do those words really mean? What does it mean to live a life that values life in a practical sense? How do we combat voices in our world that tell people that they are worthless or not worth keeping alive? What is the spirit of the enemy that tells people that their lives or the lives of others are not worth the effort. Dr. Mark Lantz dives into the Psalms, as well as other points in Scripture, to establish the Biblical basis for the value of life, as well as principles we all can adopt on how to live a life that shows that life truly does matter.

The Wilderness Experience

June 7, 2019 • Dr. Mark Lantz

There are times in your life that you feel that you are wandering in the wilderness. You feel like you are in the badlands of life, on the backside of every experience in life. You feel left behind and abandoned, and as if no one hears your cries. You are not alone in this experience! Exodus 3 tells the story of Moses, a man who was, quite literally, in a wilderness experience. But it was from this wilderness experience that God raised one of the greatest leaders in Biblical history. How did Moses go from the wilderness to leading God's chosen people to their Promised Land? And how did his wilderness experience prepare him for his God-appointed task? Join Dr. Mark Lantz as he examines the story of Moses' wilderness experience in this episode of Life on Purpose.