May 20, 2020 • Pastor Scott Phenis

When the Apostle Paul visited Athens, he saw a people that were obsessed with religion, superstition, and gossip. He saw a people lost in their pursuit of "some new thing," and this grieved him. They were unsatisfied, always looking to the next wave of emotion or philosophy onto which they could grasp. The purpose of his sermon to the Athenians was to point them in the direction of the One True God; the God that offered the only way for them to be complete and satisfied. Are you in search of completeness today? Are you drifting from place to place, thought to thought, in search of some way to finally find rest and wholeness? Join Pastor Scott Phenis as he examines this sermon of Paul's, as well as some of Paul's later writings, to find the one true way to be complete and whole.

Part 2

June 28, 2020 • Dr. Mark Lantz

Last week, we began a discussion on the mighty men of David's army. We focused on their backstory, where they came from, how they came to serve David, and how David encouraged them on their way to becoming more than they ever could have expected. But there is more to this story than merely where these men came from! This week, we are looking at the exploits of David's mighty men and the way they defended their nation from their enemies. What can we learn from these valiant warriors for our lives today? Join Dr. Mark Lantz for Part 2 of Warriors.

Part 3

Insecurity • Pastor Mark Lantz

Many Christians are trapped within a prison of insecurity and may not even be aware of it! Insecurity hijacks your thoughts and steers you away from your God-given destiny by paralyzing you where you are. It makes you fearful to take any step forward, and it is one of the tools of the enemy that is waged against your soul. As we continue our discussion of the soul, the emotional center of your being, we come to this tool of insecurity. Scripture has some principles for us to take and use against the lies that insecurity tells us. Join Dr. Mark Lantz as he embarks on Part 3 of Double Take!

Part 1

June 21, 2020 • Pastor Mark Lantz

This Fathers' Day, we are in need of Christians who are willing to step up and fight. But perhaps these warriors don't look like the individuals we are expecting. Perhaps they come from places that are less than glamorous. Perhaps they are wounded, or struggling to survive altogether. Perhaps they are weakened by the troubles of life. King David found himself surrounded by men who were in all these positions and more. But it was these men, discontented, disillusioned, and down and out, that ended up becoming the mighty men of his army. It is not too late for you. Join Dr. Mark Lantz on this Fathers' Day in this sermon entitled Warriors.