How to Be Relentless

May 17, 2019 • Dr. Mark Lantz

We're living in incredible times right now. The spiritual territory we are marching through is uncharted. The challenges and difficulties we face seem monumental and nigh insurmountable. How do leaders within the Christian community deal with sexual temptation toward our youth, self-abuse, and a world previously unknown to our children opened up through social media? Indeed, what can we do? Join Dr. Mark Lantz in this episode of Life on Purpose as he examines what it will take to be a relentless leader in a world that seems to be pushing back as hard as it can against the name of Christ.


September 15, 2019 • Dr. Mark Lantz

There are times in which the calling of God will take you to a place wherein you feel entirely unqualified. Your skills do not match up to the challenge in front of you; the enemies seem too intimidating; the challenge insurmountable. Where do you go when you find yourself boxed in by intimidation on every side? This is exactly the position that Gideon found himself in in the book of Judges. The Midianites were an undefeatable force pressing in on Israel from every side, and Gideon found himself with a call from God to defeat them. What did he do in this situation? Join Dr. Mark Lantz on a journey into the book of Judges in Unqualified.

Level Up

September 11, 2019 • Pastor Scott Phenis

One of the most dangerous traps that believers fall into is that of getting caught up with affairs of this life. We are constantly surrounded by voices that seek to push and pull us into their way of thinking and living, and we often lose sight of our true calling. The Apostle Paul encouraged the church at Colossae to set their minds on things not of this earth. But what does this mean? Changing your focus and mindset can take your faith to a level unlike you have ever experienced. Join Pastor Scott Phenis as he examines setting your mind on things above in Level Up.

Harry and Cheryl Salem

September 8, 2019 • Harry and Cheryl Salem

Christian Center Church was honored to welcome Harry and Cheryl Salem to our church to minister to our church family on Sunday, September 8, 2019. Join them as they examine what God has to say about identity and how important it is for you to know your identity in Christ.