How to Effectively Pray

We need to understand the importance of prayer, but we also need to know how to pray effectively. Th

October 29, 2018 • Dr. Mark Lantz

We need to understand the importance of prayer, but we also need to know how to pray effectively. There are people who have been praying about something in which no answer has been received, and some have come to wonder whether or not God has even heard their prayers. The goal of Dr. Lantz in this lesson is to give biblical principles on prayer that we need in order to see God move in our lives. Contact Dr. Lantz: (574) 291-3292 mlantz@lesea.org

Breaking Point

August 4, 2019 • Dr. Mark Lantz

Trials and struggles are part of this life. Each and every day brings something that will try to stop us in our tracks and keep us from where God wants us to go. Sometimes, these trials build and grow to the point that it feels as if we are bursting apart from the inside. When we have reached our breaking point, where can we go from there? We all have this breaking point, and sooner or later, you will reach it. The Apostle Paul himself reached a point where he cried out to God to relieve an oppression that was driving him to his limit. Join Dr. Mark Lantz as he examines this moment in Paul's life, and what Paul did to counteract it, in this sermon entitled "Breaking Point."

Detox -- Part 7

July 31, 2019 • Dr. Mark Lantz

In this series, we have discussed various types of toxic relationships and people. But there is one thing that you can do that covers any relationship or toxic person you will encounter. In fact, it is something that was practiced by Christ Himself. Join Dr. Mark Lantz as he examines the incredible importance of boundaries in your relationships, and where these boundaries need to be set. You will see your relationships with others and with God transform as you seek a healthy and balanced practice of interacting with others who may be poisoning your life.

Never Too Late

July 28, 2019 • Dr. Mark Lantz

We have all run into situation where it seems that we are beyond help. The situation has progressed too far and no matter what you do, you remain trapped. It is at this point that we tend to say "It's too late. Nothing can help me now." The leader of the synagogue in Jesus' day, Jairus, found himself in this situation. His daughter was deathly ill, and he fell before Jesus asking for a miracle. And it was at this point that Jesus demonstrated to Jairus, as well as to us, that for God, it is never too late for Him to intervene.