8 Powerful Films to help you with evangelism

By Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke

Full Flame Facilitators Guide

Reinhard Bonnke

The Facilitator's Guide is filled with helpful tips. This uniquely designed "One Glance" Facilitator's Guide includes a reproduction of the Discussion Guide along with additional reference material to direct the facilitator's lesson plans and enhance discussion.

Full Flame Discussion Guide

Reinhard Bonnke

This is not your typical "fill in the blanks" guide. The Full Flame Discussion Guide is a colorful reminder of each part of the film series. For each film, there are key visuals and questions that a group Facilitator can utilize to prompt in-depth and enlightening group discussions.

1. Lost at Sea

From one heartbeat to the next, your pleasant, predictable pleasure cruise is plunged into the life and death urgency of a rescue at sea. In twelve breath-taking minutes, everything you thought you knew about yourself, your church, and your fundamental purpose is turned upside down! Comfortable detachment meets gripping reality. Lives, Souls are at stake. What should you do? What will you do?

2. The Matchless Message (China)

The journey begins-an epic adventure that will span continents, open hearts...and redefine the essence of evangelism! The theme is love: God’s unwavering, limitless love in action-reaching to the ends of our troubled earth to bring the prodigals home. With an intimate encounter, moving dramatisation, and grand spectacle, we are reminded that proclaiming that love is our privilege and purpose. Because ours are the only arms, God has to embrace the lost!

3. Who Jesus Calls and Equips (Brazil) | The Art of the Impossible (Egypt)

In settings of timeless splendour, come messages of encouragement to strengthen even the most hesitant hearts: Jesus did not choose the elite as his disciples; He chose ordinary men and equipped them to do the extraordinary. H still does. To rescue the lost of our time, God chooses us-not because of what we are, but because of what He makes of us! With the truth and power of the gospel at our command, He sends us forth, stands with us, and “makes all things possible.

4. How I learned Faith (Kenya) | How to Conquer Fear (Indonesia)

As wondrous as seeing God’s hand at work, is the power that answers our faith in “things not seen.” When we move beyond a Sunday-kind of faith to faith as a lifestyle, we open a connection to God that makes wonderful things possible. For soul-winners, faith is the essential element that helps us face problems with confidence, challenge fear, and go on. Fired by faith, we become true “conductors” of God’s power.

5. Fire, The Ensign of the Gospel (Australia) | Relying on the Anointing (Japan)

Can we be missing the point when it comes to the Holy Spirit? Do we look for the fireworks, or God’s purpose? Decide for yourself in this provocative exploration of the potential and purpose of “the great waves of power,” conferred by the fi re of the Spirit. Contemplate God’s great investment in us. Consider the strength of passion transformed into compassion, faith emboldened to action. Then taste the confidence of knowing we reach out for lost mankind with the full weight of heaven behind us.

6. Living in the Miraculous (India) | The Power of Proclamation (Russia)

The truth is: The miraculous is not a spectator sport; it’s a participation event! The Acts of the Apostles could be written because the apostles acted. The Gospel happens when we preach the gospel. Our God is a “now!” God, whose sovereign will work through us- when we take action. When we hesitate or wait hopefully for works of power to occur, the miraculous waits on us! But when we step out and speak out boldly in His name, miracles are not only possible but likely!

7. The Man is the Message (Germany) | The Revival Detonator (United Kingdom)

In an episode both humbling and uplifting, we examine two essentials no messenger of the gospel should ever be without; Humility and Prayer. With an inspiring example, we are reminded that our role is not to upstage God! When prideful of our own strength and eloquence, we are in danger of seeking our glory rather than His. But with prayer as our lifeline, we work in harmony with our Father’s will-and the face we show the world is not ours, but His.

8. Principles for Success (United States)

Reinhard Bonnke shares key principles related to personal evangelism and concludes by praying for God to ignite a passion in our hearts for the lost within our reach. He reminds us that God always makes His servants equal to the tasks He assigns us...and then the Holy Spirit falls.