The Story

10. God Sets All Things Right

Week Ten | The Story • April 5, 2020 • Bruce Miller

This week, we wrap up The Story series. Through all the ups and downs, God sets all things right. Bruce takes us into Revelation 21 to share the hope we have in the midst of all our fears and anxieties. How can you prepare for this hope? What is something you can do today?

9. God Builds His Church

Week Nine | The Story • March 29, 2020 • Bruce Miller

Fear is everywhere right now. We are facing an unprecedented crisis. This week, Bruce brings us a message of hope and clarity. There is confidence we can have in the midst of fear. We are not alone. As we begin part nine of The Story series as we dive into Acts 1, where God builds His church. Take comfort.

8. God Dies For The World

Week Eight | The Story • March 22, 2020 • Bruce Miller

Thank you for tuning into week eight of The Story series. Our newsfeeds are overwhelmed with the coronavirus updates. But we have a bigger story that overwhelms our lives- God's story. Bruce takes us to one of the most popular passages, John 3. Dive in and remember God's love for you.

7. God Comes to Earth

Week Seven | The Story • March 15, 2020 • Bruce Miller

This week, we dive into week seven of The Story series. As we take time to take care of our physical health during the coronavirus, Bruce takes us into Luke 9, where God comes to earth, to care for our spiritual health. Notice the growing promise of redemption through these past weeks. Listen in to see how this week's message impacts your relationship with Jesus, the Savior of the world.

6. God Judges Rebellion

Week Six | The Story • March 8, 2020 • Matt Morrison

This week we begin part six of The Story series. Matt Morrison takes us through Daniel 7 and explains God's judgement of Israel's rebellion. How does this rebellion relate to us today? Matt shows us how we can apply this passage to our lives today and what does it look like in our lives to let justice and righteousness pour out of our lives.

5. God Reigns Over His People

Week Five | The Story • March 1, 2020 • Matt Morrison

Have you ever wanted to accomplish something for God but it just didn’t seem to be a part of his plan? What was it? In this week's sermon, Matt Morrison takes us through 2 Samuel 7 and David's desire to build the temple for God.

4. God Rescues His People

Week Four | The Story • February 23, 2020 • Bruce Miller

Do you question if God sees what you are going through and if He ever hears you? Sometimes we wonder if God cares about us. Today, Bruce shares a story that addresses these very questions in our lives.

3. God Forms A People

Week Three | The Story • February 16, 2020 • Bruce Miller

What is the first image that pops in your mind when you think about God? Is it positive or negative? When we mess up, we hesitate to run to God. But God is faithful, even when we, His people, are not. Like Abraham and Sarah struggled to trust God, we do too. But God never waivers from His plan. See how this week's sermon might speak to you.

2. God is Rejected

Week Two | The Story • February 9, 2020 • Bruce Miller

Not long after God created the world, we rejected God. Bruce dives into the fall of humanity in the Book of Genesis. Three basic temptations consumed Adam and Eve. We face these today. In this week's sermon, learn how the temptation of Adam and Eve applies to you today.

1. God Creates The World

Week One | The Story • February 2, 2020 • Bruce Miller

This week, Bruce launches the new series, The Story. We start where it all began, God creating the world in Genesis 1. Learn how the creation story impacts your life.