Pastors Pregame

A Christ Fellowship Podcast

How to Celebrate Advent at Home

November 30, 2023 • Lisa Scheffler, Bruce Miller, Amanda Kruse

It's the Christmas season! Lisa, Bruce, and guest Amanda Kruse are talking about Advent. How to celebrate it at home, and why we start Advent by discussing the prophets. Get a copy of Christ Fellowship's Advent guide: https://cfhome.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/11/advent-guide_eng_final.pdf.

What are You Thankful for?

November 21, 2023

It's Thanksgiving week! Some of Christ Fellowship's staff and elders stop by to share what they're thankful for this year and how God is revealing himself to them. You'll be amazed by the common threads that run through their responses. 

Planting A New Church

November 9, 2023

As we wrap up our Money with a Mission series, we'll talk to Ryan Tew. Ryan is leading a new church plant in Melissa Texas, Highland Baptist Church. We'll talk about how God called him into ministry and what he hopes to see God do through this new church. https://highlandsbc.org/

Caring for Under-resourced People in Collin County

November 2, 2023 • Lisa Scheffler

Lisa talks to Jenny Konvicka from Hope Clinic about the amazing things they are doing to care for under-resourced people in Collin County. https://hopeclinicmckinney.org/ 

86. Navigating an Unplanned Pregnancy

October 26, 2023 • Lisa Scheffler

This week, Aaron Snell from Hope Women's Center joins Lisa to talk about the tremendous work they're doing to help women and men navigate an unplanned pregnancy. We also talk about the abortion landscape in a post-Roe v. Wade world. For pregnancy or post-abortion care visit https://myhope.org To volunteer or support Hope https://standwithhope.org

85. Halftime: Questions about Israel

October 24, 2023 • Bruce Miller, Lisa Scheffler

How should Christians understand the latest attack on Israel and the aftermath? What should our response be? Does this mean we're in the end times? We'll discuss the current conflict from a biblical perspective.

84. Bruce's Big Announcement

October 23, 2023 • Bruce Miller, Lisa Scheffler

This past Sunday, Bruce made a big announcement that will affect the future of Christ Fellowship. Lisa will talk to him about it on this episode.

83. Half Time: Q&A from Love Vs. Sex Part 2

October 13, 2023 • Lisa Scheffler, Bruce Miller

In this Halftime Q&A, we answer questions about two sensitive subjects -- masturbation and transgenderism.

82. Money with a Mission

October 12, 2023 • Lisa Scheffler, Bruce Miller

We're kicking off our Money With a Mission series by answering a key question: Why should we give?

81. Half Time: Q&A from Love Vs. Sex Part 1

October 12, 2023 • Lisa Scheffler, Bruce Miller

We're responding to your questions! After our final Love Vs. Sex sermon, you had questions about how to respond to LGBTQ people in the church. We tackle some challenging questions in this Halftime episode.

80. How Sex is Treated in the Culture and in the Church

October 5, 2023 • Lisa Scheffler, Bruce Miller

We're wrapping up our Love Vs. Sex series with your questions, and you sent in some good ones! We'll also give our final thoughts and frustrations with how sex is treated in the culture and in the church.

79. Sex is Reserved for Marriage

September 28, 2023 • Bruce Miller, Lisa Scheffler

If the Bible teaches that sex is reserved for marriage, then married people have it made, right? Unfortunately, we know that sex can be complicated for married people. This week, Bruce and Lisa discuss honoring and loving your spouse with your sexuality. We also respond to some of the questions you've been sending in!

78. How can we Honor our Bodies by Avoiding Sexual Sin?

September 21, 2023 • Lisa Scheffler, Bruce Miller

We're continuing our series Love Vs Sex. How can we honor our bodies by avoiding sexual sin? Bruce and Lisa also respond to your questions. Have a question for us? We'll be answering more in the next two episodes. You can text them in at (469) 717-6440.

77. How should Christians think about sex in a highly sexualized culture?

September 14, 2023 • Bruce Miller, Lisa Scheffler

Love Vs. Sex is our new series. How should Christians think about sex in a highly sexualized culture? We'll kick off the series by talking through some basics. We'd love to hear your questions! Text them at (469) 717-6440, and we'll start responding to them next week.

76. The Practice of Worshipping in a Gathering

August 24, 2023 • Bruce Miller, Lisa Scheffler

With so many sermons and worship songs available online, do we really need to go to church? Lisa talks to Bruce and worship leaders Will and Crystal Yates about why we do.