204. Romans 8 - Reasons for Hope in between

February 4, 2024 • Lisa Scheffler

In Christ, there is no condemnation. 


All of us have done things we regret. All of us have hurt someone else. We’ve broken trust and caused pain. We’ve hurt ourselves. We’ve done things we’re ashamed of. We’ve broken faith with God and ignored his guidance and rejected his love and grace. We’re guilty. We know it. -- other accusing voices, others saying you are no good, and the devil, the accuser 


Yet we are not condemned. Well, that sounds too good to be true. Paul tells us why… because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit who gives life has set you free from the law of sin and death 

219. Mother's Day

May 12, 2024 • Bruce Miller

218. 2-Tim Week 5 - Godlessness in the Last Days

May 5, 2024 • Rafe Wright

217. 2-Tim Week 4 - Don’t Quarrel over Words but Gently Guide People to God’s Word

April 28, 2024 • Bruce Miller

Christians have been arguing with each other since Jesus ascended. What conversations are worth having, and which ones are a waste of time? Nearly two thousand years ago, the Apostle Paul gave his younger associate, Timothy, wise leadership advice on this very issue: what conflicts to avoid and where to engage.