Psalm 23 Week Two

Week Two | Psalm 23

May 3, 2020 • Bruce Miller

Bruce Miller returns to the first few verses of Psalm 23. How is this passage impacting you during COVID19? What about COVID19 scares you the most? Fear no evil. What does this look like for you? Take comfort in week two of our Psalm 23 series.

Psalm 23 Week Four

Week Four | Psalm 23 • May 17, 2020 • Bruce Miller

This week we return to Psalm 23, where we remember David's hardships and mistakes. How do you feel when hardship hits? Do you wonder if God is there? Do you question God's love when you mess up? In today's message, cling to God's goodness and love.

Psalm 23 Week Three

Week Three | Psalm 23 • May 10, 2020 • Bruce Miller

This week, Bruce Miller begins week three of our Psalm 23 series where we focus on verse five. What enemies do you face today? Think about it. How does Psalm 23 speak into that? Bruce dives into what it means for our cup to overflow and how we can find comfort in Him.

Psalm 23 Week One

Week One | Psalm 23 • April 26, 2020 • Bruce Miller

This week, we kick off a new series revolving around Psalm 23. Bruce Miller invites us to dwell on the portion, "The Lord is my shepherd." Has this passage played a significant role in your life? This sermon shares how Psalm 23 plays a role in our lives during this unique season in history.