4. The Mystery of Christ

Week Four | Neighbors + Nations

November 8, 2020 • Bruce Miller

For this week of our Neighbors + Nations series, Bruce takes us to Ephesians 3, where we learn about the mystery of Christ. This is a timely discussion, especially with the aftermath of the election. So what is the mystery of Christ? How does the mystery of Christ address the divisions in our nation and in our world? Take heart and dive in with us.

5. Sent On God's Mission

Week Five | Neighbors + Nations • November 15, 2020 • Bruce Miller

For the final week of this year's Neighbors + Nations series, Bruce takes us to John 20. What has been your experience with mission work? Have you been overseas? Have you sent others? Involvement with the worldwide mission work of God is a blessing and privilege. Enjoy this week's message, as we dive into how and why we should be involved.

3. Be A Neighbor

Week Three | Neighbors + Nations • November 1, 2020 • Bruce Miller

This week for Neighbors + Nations, Bruce takes us to a passage of Scripture in Luke 10. We dive into what it looks like to be a neighbor. What does it look like to evangelize and love others well? Who is even your neighbors? These are the questions we wrestle with and dive into for this week's message.

2. Neighbors + Nations Week Two

Week Two | Neighbors + Nations • October 25, 2020 • Rafe Wright

Anxiety interferes with our ability to remember details. Stress effects our ability to pay attention. Fear shifts us into our fight-or-flight mode. Can you recall a moment where anxiety, stress and fear overwhelmed you? This week, Rafe Wright helps us understand the mission Jesus left to his disciples even in the midst of their own emotional rollercoaster. Jesus' disciples found themselves overwhelmed by stress and fear after the crucifixion. But then Christ rose from the grave and began to spoon feed them important information. Tune in to see how their journey impacts our lives and conversations today.