192. How Much Should You Give?

November 5, 2023 • Bruce Miller

“All this church cares about is money.” If those thoughts are rising in your mind, set them aside. At Christ Fellowship we care about Jesus and what he taught. Jesus taught a lot about money. If the topic makes you tense, ask yourself why. Often people feel tense because they know they are not obeying God in their giving, so it’s uncomfortable to hear about it. It’s convicting.

215. Guard the Gospel Courageously

April 14, 2024 • Bruce Miller

Paul wrote Timothy a letter to challenge him to guard the gospel courageously. Christianity was not cool in the Roman Empire. The cultural pressure was firmly against the gospel, intellectually, politically, and morally. If you wanted friends and respect, you would not be a Christian. Being a Christian could not only get you canceled and cost you business, but be beaten by the police of the day, thrown in jail, and even killed.

214. 2 Timothy 1:1-8

April 7, 2024 • Lisa Scheffler

We’re starting a new series today focusing on a letter from the New Testament, 2nd Timothy. In some ways this particular letter functions a little bit like my husband’s letter to me in that Paul wrote it to encourage Timothy to trust in what he already knew to be true only this time, in the truth of the gospel.

213. Embrace Your Victory in Christ

March 31, 2024 • Bruce Miller

Paul wrote First Corinthians chapter 15 to give people hope. It is the chapter on resurrection in the Bible. In 1 Corinthians chapter 15 Paul describes Christ’s resurrection, and how his resurrection can give you victory.