Pastors Pregame

A Christ Fellowship Podcast

37. Launching Anna Christian Fellowship

May 20, 2022

Back in 2018, Christ Fellowship started a campus to serve communities north of McKinney near Anna, Texas. Now over four years later, that campus is growing into its own independent church that's looking forward to a permanent location. So today, I'm joined by the team launching Anna Christian fellowship to talk about how it all began, what it takes to become independent and what their hopes and prayers are for this new church. To find out more about Anna Christian Fellowship or to donate to the church, visit https://cfanna.org/ Follow on Instagram @christfellowshipanna or Facebook is christfellowshipanna

36. Supernatural Power S1 E12

May 19, 2022 • Lisa, Bruce, Jaime, & Mark

We're moving closer and closer to the climax of Mark's gospel. This week, we're talking about Mark 14:1-42 and some of the final hours Jesus will spend with his disciples. We'll see how an un-named woman in the home of a leper shows more courage and devotion than all the disciples put together . We'll talk about the Lord's Supper, the agony Jesus experiences at Gethsemane and how all of us are grateful for the immense grace of God.

35. Supernatural Power S1 E11

May 12, 2022 • Lisa, Bruce, Jaime, & Mark

We're focused on Mark 13 this week. Here Jesus gives a warning to be on guard and alert because trouble and persecution is coming. Is he talking to the disciples about things in their lifetime? Is all this for those who will in the end time? Or is it for us right now today? We'll discuss the options in today's podcast.

34. Supernatural Power S1 E10

April 28, 2022 • Lisa, Bruce, Jaime, & Mark

We're on a fascinating journey through Mark's Gospel. This week, we're entering Jerusalem with Jesus in Mark 11 as he gets closer to the cross and the resurrection. We'll discuss the triumphal entry and whether it was really so triumphant and the cleansing of the temple and whether Jesus was really cleansing it. Most importantly, we'll talk about how we can shift our expectations to match who Jesus really is.

33. Supernatural Power S1 E9

April 21, 2022 • Lisa, Bruce, Jaime, & Mark

Today's episode is a little bit different. First Mark will join us to tell us about what's going on at the Anna campus. Then Bruce and I talk about the serve day we're hosting here in McKinney for English and Spanish before talking about Mark 10. This is a packed chapter and we have a great discussion about marriage and divorce, wealth and sacrifice, and status and service. It's a little bit longer than our usual episode, but we hope you find these conversations worth it.

32. Holy Week 2022

April 14, 2022 • Lisa, Bruce, Jaime, & Mark

It's Holy Week, the week Christians all over the globe are remembering the final week of Jesus' life that led him to the cross, the grave, and then the resurrection. We'll share some personal reflections on what this week means to us and encourage you to do the same.

31. Supernatural Power S1 E8

April 7, 2022 • Lisa, Bruce, Jaime, & Mark

This week, we're talking about Mark chapter 9, which shows us both a glorious Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration and clueless disciples down below. We talk about faith, healing, and why it's so hard for us to accept Jesus' message that to be first we have to be the very last.

30. Supernatural Power S1 E7

March 31, 2022

We are moving through the Gospel of Mark in our series, Supernatural Power. This week, we're in Mark 8, the hinge chapter for this gospel. We discuss what it means to really see Jesus for who he is, How we can be just as dense as the disciples, and what it can mean to deny yourself and follow Jesus.

29. Supernatural Power S1 E6

March 24, 2022 • Bruce Miller & Lisa Scheffler

Today it's just Lisa and Bruce talking about Mark 7. First, they talk about the 25th-anniversary celebration and then have a great conversation about how, just like the Pharisees, Christians can burden people with traditions that aren't from God.

28. 25th Anniversary Special

March 21, 2022 • Lisa Scheffler

This is a very special episode of the Pastors Pregame Podcast. Christ Fellowship is celebrating its 25th anniversary, so we're sharing some stories from some of our staff. We hope you'll be inspired and encouraged by all that God has done.

27. Supernatural Power S1 E5

March 17, 2022 • Lisa, Bruce, Jaime, & Mark

Since we were out last week for spring break, we're going to cover Mark 5 and 6 in this episode. Each of us will pick a story from these chapters that means a lot to us and talk about why. So get ready as we discuss everything from demon possession to resurrection to doubting relatives to finding Jesus in the storm.

26. Supernatural Power S1 E4

March 3, 2022 • Lisa, Bruce, Jaime, & Mark

We're in a series called Supernatural Power, stories from Mark's Gospel. We're in Mark chapter 4 so we'll be talking about why Jesus teaches in parables, how parts of Mark's Gospel are like a sandwich, and how we should respond when storms come up that test our faith.

25. Supernatural Power S1 E3

February 24, 2022 • Lisa, Bruce, Jaime, & Mark

We are moving into Mark chapter 3 as part of our sermon series, Supernatural Power, stories from Mark's Gospel. Jesus says a couple of things in this chapter that people often have questions about, so we'll be talking about authority over demons, secret messiahs, blaspheming the Holy Spirit, and who did Jesus say our Mother and brothers are?

24. Supernatural Power S1 E2

February 17, 2022 • Lisa, Bruce, Jaime, & Mark

Today we're talking about Mark 2 as part of our new sermon series, Supernatural Power, stories from Mark's Gospel. We talk about why we need forgiveness, why we should ask for healing, and the dangers of becoming a Pharisee. Bruce mentions two books in this episode, J.P. Moreland's "A Simple Guide to Miracles" https://t.ly/CwYi and Craig Kenner's "Miracles Today" https://t.ly/B7g0

23. Supernatural Power S1 E1

February 10, 2022 • Lisa, Bruce, Jaime, & Mark

We're excited to kick off a brand new series this week - Supernatural Power, stories from Mark's Gospel. We're going to spend 16 weeks going through the 16 chapters of Mark and our prayer is that we'll all experience Jesus and his supernatural power. Join us as we discuss Mark chapter 1.