24. Supernatural Power S1 E2

February 17, 2022 • Lisa, Bruce, Jaime, & Mark

Today we're talking about Mark 2 as part of our new sermon series, Supernatural Power, stories from Mark's Gospel. We talk about why we need forgiveness, why we should ask for healing, and the dangers of becoming a Pharisee. Bruce mentions two books in this episode, J.P. Moreland's "A Simple Guide to Miracles" https://t.ly/CwYi and Craig Kenner's "Miracles Today" https://t.ly/B7g0

37. Launching Anna Christian Fellowship

May 20, 2022

Back in 2018, Christ Fellowship started a campus to serve communities north of McKinney near Anna, Texas. Now over four years later, that campus is growing into its own independent church that's looking forward to a permanent location. So today, I'm joined by the team launching Anna Christian fellowship to talk about how it all began, what it takes to become independent and what their hopes and prayers are for this new church. To find out more about Anna Christian Fellowship or to donate to the church, visit https://cfanna.org/ Follow on Instagram @christfellowshipanna or Facebook is christfellowshipanna

36. Supernatural Power S1 E12

May 19, 2022 • Lisa, Bruce, Jaime, & Mark

We're moving closer and closer to the climax of Mark's gospel. This week, we're talking about Mark 14:1-42 and some of the final hours Jesus will spend with his disciples. We'll see how an un-named woman in the home of a leper shows more courage and devotion than all the disciples put together . We'll talk about the Lord's Supper, the agony Jesus experiences at Gethsemane and how all of us are grateful for the immense grace of God.

35. Supernatural Power S1 E11

May 12, 2022 • Lisa, Bruce, Jaime, & Mark

We're focused on Mark 13 this week. Here Jesus gives a warning to be on guard and alert because trouble and persecution is coming. Is he talking to the disciples about things in their lifetime? Is all this for those who will in the end time? Or is it for us right now today? We'll discuss the options in today's podcast.