Centralia Theology Conference

When God Sees Us Sad: Ascribing Mercy to God

August 23, 7:00pm - August 24, 2024 12:00pm
156 spots remaining

For our first annual theology conference, we are honored to have Ryan Hurd visiting to give three lectures on the mercy of God. See schedule below.


7:00pm - Welcome & Singing

7:15pm - "Introduction to Divine Passions"

8:00pm - Q&A with Ryan Hurd and Pastor Ventura


9:00am - Welcome & Singing

9:15am - "Mercy of God - Part 1"

10:00am - Coffee Break

10:15am - "Mercy of God - Part 2"

11:00am - Q&A with Ryan Hurd and Pastor Ventura

12:00pm - Lunch FEAST

About the Speaker:

Ryan Hurd is a systematic theologian whose area of expertise is doctrine of God, specifically the Trinity. His primary training is in the high medievals and early modern scholastics as well as the 20th century ressourcement movement. He has written a number of articles and regularly does translations of early modern theology sources; but his primary project is writing a systematics of the Trinity. He is currently a doctoral student at Theologische Universiteit Kampen, a Professor at Davenant Hall, and a Scholar in Residence at Christ Covenant Church.