John 1: 14 - 18 • September 2, 2018 • Landon Reesor

In a culture where biblical Christianity exists at the very margins of society, how do we develop relationships and create opportunities for sharing the life-changing message of the Gospel?


John 7: 37-38 • September 9, 2018 • Landon Reesor

No matter how much money, power, sex, or success we experience, will it ever be enough to satisfy the deepest longings of our souls?

The Power of your Testimony

September 16, 2018 • Landon Reesor

God is writing a unique story of grace in each of our hearts. So how do we use our own journey to help spread the message of Christ to our world?

What is the Gospel?

September 23, 2018 • Chad Wade

What is the Gospel? Is it central or peripheral? How do we build regular rhythms to receive, rehearse, show, and tell the story behind all the stories?


September 30, 2018 • Landon Reesor