Lost and Found

Luke 15

June 9, 2019 • Landon Reesor

We are all lost spiritually. We are all wondering aimlessly, hopelessly apart from God. So how does He find us and how does He respond when are found?


John 7: 37 - 38 • May 5, 2019 • Landon Reesor

Deep inside of all of us is a thirst that money, power, sex, and success will never be able to satisfy. It is a thirst, a longing for something more than the mere trinkets, treasures, and pleasures of this life can provide. So what is the source of that thirst and how do we quench it?

Born Again

John 3: 1 - 6 • May 12, 2019 • Landon Reesor

What did Jesus mean when He said we must be "born again"? What does that describe about the state of our soul and how does this rebirth happen?


2 Corinthians 5: 17 - 20 • May 19, 2019 • Landon Reesor

At its deepest core, Christianity is a relationship, not a religion. So how do we enter into a relationship with God? How do we become "reconciled" with Him into a place of intimacy and connection?