Beyond the Sermon


Episode 19: Does Satan have too much access to us?

Wisdom series extras • June 1, 2020 • David Staff

I think when you open your Bible to consider Proverbs 3:11-12, and read again about our Father’s loving discipline in Hebrews chapter 12, we realize we have a coach who plans our improvement through His discipline. Our Father’s discipline involves the intentional challenges He designs in the circumstances of my life both to correct what is wrong and to train me in what is right, for my best and His glory. So, what’s the Coach’s plan for your life going forward? Are you experiencing His loving discipline? Are you welcoming it? Someone submitted a question that referenced what happen to the Old Testament figure Job. God allowed some heavy discipline into Job’s life, and he allowed Satan to deliver them mail. So someone asked, WHY IS SATAN GIVEN SO MUCH POWER OVER US? It seems it is too easy for Him to have access to us. Let’s try to figure that one out.

Episode 18: First Fruits Finances

Wisdom series extras • May 25, 2020 • David Staff

This week’s subject – First Fruits finances, from Proverbs 3:9-10 Wisdom that urges Honor the Lord from your wealth, and with the first fruits of your produce. Then your barns will be filled with plenty, and your vats bursting with wine. From this proverb, this principle – Endowed with all things, I first honor the Endower. In this podcast, we’ll take up 3 questions submitted, that came out of our WISDOM teaching on Proverbs 3. First – “Doesn’t the Bible teach that tithing – giving 10% of my income to kingdom causes – is what God expects?” Second – “Are there other ways to give back to God besides writing a check to the church?” Third – “What if I can’t afford to give in a first-fruits way?” Let’s take up your questions in the moments ahead.

Episode 17: Beyond the Sermon

How will humility happen in my life? • May 18, 2020 • David Staff

Pastor David addresses how humility will happen in our lives. Will it be the hard way, or the easy way?

Episode 16: Applying Proverbs 3:5–6

Wisdom Series extras • May 11, 2020 • David Staff

When we read and study the Biblical book of PROVERBS, we are pursuing WISDOM: Life’s priceless treasure. There are many treasures in this wonderful collection. Like this one: Trust in the Lord with all your heart And do not lean on your own understanding In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make straight your paths This proverb teaches that The greater my active dependence on the Lord, the clearer my pathway to the best. But, we have questions about this proverb. Does this teach that an active trust in the Lord will always result in a smooth life? And, how can I discern that when I pray it will be God who is directing my next steps, and not just my own desire? Let’s take up APPLYING Proverbs 3:5-6 in this podcast.

Episode 15: Are Proverbs God's Promises?

Wisdom series extras • May 4, 2020 • David Staff

One of the questions that often comes up when studying the Book of Proverbs in the Bible is simply this: Are Proverbs God’s promises? In other words, since many of the proverbs offer a resulting benefit if you heed the wisdom action called for, are these proverbs (the “if you do this then this will happen” sayings) essentially guaranteed promises of blessing from God. Here are three principles to guide studying and applying Proverbs.

Episode 14: Receiving Wisdom as Parents

Wisdom series extras • April 27, 2020 • David Staff

Here's today's question: What's a great way for parents, today, to access the wisdom they need to consistently shape well the lives of their children? Raising children well, as any parent understands, is an inexact science. It can stretch you beyond your limitations. We all soon realize there is no perfect family, no perfect set of parents. Nobody bats .1000. Most of us start with the greatest of intentions, but still, we make mistakes with one another. To be sure, some of our parental mistakes are willful mistakes, especially if we simply “do it the way my parents did it with me.” Wise parents who follow the Lord Jesus Christ take some time to evaluate the way they were raised in light of God’s wisdom and word. •Some of those historical parental practices that shaped your life we may keep. •Other of those practices, we need to have the courage to say, “That’s not how God’s wisdom would have me do it. I’m not going to incorporate that into the way I parent before the Lord.” So where can we access great parenting wisdom? Let's take that up together in this episode.

Episode 13: How important is it to pursue God's wisdom?

Wisdom series extras • April 20, 2020 • David Staff

We learned in our first message in our #Wisdom teaching series that we all have some sort of compass that guides us through life. Pastor David shared that the absolute best compass for our journey in life is through God's Word. Here we can grow in Wisdom, life's priceless treasure. But, you may ask, how important is it that we PURSUE God's wisdom? Watch this episode of Beyond the Sermon to find out. #BeyondtheSermon #Wisdom #Proverbs #ccamestv

Episode 12: Did God promise the Messiah's resurrection?

April 13, 2020 • David Staff

Three days after the crucifixion, Jesus rose from the dead. But how did He know that was going to happen? Where in the Old Testament scriptures did it say that the Messiah would be killed and then raised back to life? Pastor David answers this question about the Old Testament scriptures.

Episode 11: Is Revelation history, present, or future?

Q & A • April 6, 2020 • David Staff

In this episode, Pastor David Staff answers more difficult questions about the Book of Revelation. Namely, an important question that arises often, is Revelation history, our present situation, or is it prophesy?

Episode 10: Is God, in judgment, behind the Coronavirus

March 30, 2020 • David Staff

On Sunday March 29 here on the Christ Community Church campus, we spent time identifying 5 Key Truths to help us live confidently, as disciples of Jesus Christ, even in threatening times. This episode answers 4 questions from viewers on whether or not the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020 is part of God's judgment.

Episode 9: Answering Questions in Revelation

Sermon Q & A on Worthy Teaching Series • March 23, 2020 • David Staff

On this episode of Beyond the Sermon, Pastor David Staff answers some viewers questions from the first message in the Worthy Teaching Series. On the subject of the ONE who is worthy of glory, honor, and power, Pastor Staff fields questions on believers worshiping in Heaven, if we are in the end times now, and more. Watch or listen to learn more about the Book of Revelation.

Episode 8: New Life in Christ

Part of the Winsome Series, Loving to Share the Good News • February 5, 2020 • David Staff

Pastor David Staff and host Sindy Friedrich discuss "What Happens When Someone Trusts Christ?" You'll hear about the wholesale change of our relationship with God, the new team we're invited and empowered to serve alongside, and the new opportunities we're given as those entrusted with the Gospel. Dive in deeper with questions like "Should I feel different if I am saved?" and "What does it mean that we're saved by grace?" (17:17)

Episode 7: What Does Trusting in Christ Mean?

Part of the Winsome Series, sharing God's good news. • January 12, 2020 • David Staff

Pastor David Staff and host Sindy Friedrich discuss What Does Trusting in Christ Mean? You'll encounter the crucial distinction between accepting all God has said about Himself and His great plan of salvation as true, and accepting it as true for you personally. Dive deeper into the issue of belief in Christ and questions like "Am I really trusting in Christ if it's hard for me to process the resurrection?" and "How would I know if I really have trusted Christ?" (21:14)

Episode 6: What Jesus Did About Sin

Part of the Winsome Series, sharing God's good news. • January 12, 2020 • David Staff

Pastor David Staff and host Sindy Friedrich discuss What Jesus Did About Our Sin. You'll encounter the biblical groundwork of our inherited and earned distance from God, the great lengths He went to close that gap in Jesus, and key questions such as: Did Jesus Come to Save Everyone? and Was It Cruel for the Father to Send His Son to Die? (16:25)

Episode 5: Understanding Sin and a Holy God

January 3, 2020 • David Staff

Pastor David Staff and host Sindy Friedrich discuss What is Sin and Why Does it Matter? You'll encounter a brief biblical summary and key questions such as: Is Murder Really the Same as Lying? and What's Up with the Blood Requirement Thing? (19:06)