Episode 4: The Gospel

God's offer and saving grace

November 17, 2019 • David Staff • Beyond the Sermon Podcast

Most Americans (6 in 10) say they have made “a commitment to Jesus Christ,” and yet many people—perhaps most—are still conflicted between Jesus and good deeds as the way to heaven. Can some of the fog about salvation and good works be cleared up? What is God’s gospel offer and how can people be sure they are right with God, and headed to heaven? In this episode, Pastor David discusses God's offer and saving grace.

Episode 19: Does Satan have too much access to us?

Wisdom series extras • June 1, 2020 • David Staff

I think when you open your Bible to consider Proverbs 3:11-12, and read again about our Father’s loving discipline in Hebrews chapter 12, we realize we have a coach who plans our improvement through His discipline. Our Father’s discipline involves the intentional challenges He designs in the circumstances of my life both to correct what is wrong and to train me in what is right, for my best and His glory. So, what’s the Coach’s plan for your life going forward? Are you experiencing His loving discipline? Are you welcoming it? Someone submitted a question that referenced what happen to the Old Testament figure Job. God allowed some heavy discipline into Job’s life, and he allowed Satan to deliver them mail. So someone asked, WHY IS SATAN GIVEN SO MUCH POWER OVER US? It seems it is too easy for Him to have access to us. Let’s try to figure that one out.

Episode 18: First Fruits Finances

Wisdom series extras • May 25, 2020 • David Staff

This week’s subject – First Fruits finances, from Proverbs 3:9-10 Wisdom that urges Honor the Lord from your wealth, and with the first fruits of your produce. Then your barns will be filled with plenty, and your vats bursting with wine. From this proverb, this principle – Endowed with all things, I first honor the Endower. In this podcast, we’ll take up 3 questions submitted, that came out of our WISDOM teaching on Proverbs 3. First – “Doesn’t the Bible teach that tithing – giving 10% of my income to kingdom causes – is what God expects?” Second – “Are there other ways to give back to God besides writing a check to the church?” Third – “What if I can’t afford to give in a first-fruits way?” Let’s take up your questions in the moments ahead.

Episode 17: Beyond the Sermon

How will humility happen in my life? • May 18, 2020 • David Staff

Pastor David addresses how humility will happen in our lives. Will it be the hard way, or the easy way?