Next Steps-Grow

Grow Video

April 10, 2022 • Pastor Chris Weatherly

Relationships are only as healthy as the time you put into developing them. This is why having a daily walk with Jesus helps you grow closer with the Lord. Through your daily walk you learn to see the world the way God sees the world and love others the way Jesus loves you. As we grow closer to Him, we change and the world around us gets better.

Next Steps-Welcome to Christ Community Church

April 10, 2022 • Pastor George Gasperson

Thank you so much for deciding to check out Christ Community. Maybe this is your first time in church in a very long time or you’ve been looking to find a new church family, either way we’re glad you’ve decided to try and find a faith community with us. We want to help you feel like this is a place where you belong. We want to journey alongside you as you progress in a deeper relationships with Jesus and the church. Here’s what we’ve done. We’ve created this process called next steps. Just like the words suggest it walks you through what your next steps are for getting more connected with Jesus and others. We will help show what those steps are and how you can take them. You can also visit our website, aplacetobelong.com/next-steps to see all of our next steps.

Next Steps-Made a Decision

April 10, 2022 • Pastor Chris Weatherly

Becoming a follower of Jesus is the greatest decision you could ever make, but how do you become a follower and why should you? We want to help you understand this decision and walk you through what it means to have Jesus as your Savior and King.

Next Steps-Baptism

April 10, 2022 • Pastor Chris Weatherly

You might have heard of baptism and maybe you’ve seen a baptism before, but do you know what it really is or why Christians do it? Today, my goal is to help you understand why every follower of Jesus, including you, should take the step of baptism.