Letter of Love

7/26/2020 to 9/6/2020

The Marks of a Christian

September 6, 2020 • Joe Coffey

Don’t Love the World

August 30, 2020 • Joe Coffey • 1 John 2:15–17

What Kind of Love?!

August 23, 2020 • Joe Coffey • 1 John 3:1–3

We are all children of God, as 1 John 3:1-3 tells us, for all who have hope in Jesus have his purity transferred onto themselves, receiving God's blessings. It's great news, as it means we receive a love we could never earn purely by the grace of God and the actions of Jesus. So the question is: Are you living as a child of God? Are you finding yourself drawn towards following God and flourishing as the person he made you to be, or are you trying to earn his love or acting like you deserve his blessings? This week, Pastor Joe explains what it means to not only recognize a love that is freely given, but respond as it calls and transforms us.

A Love for God That Lasts

August 16, 2020 • Zach Weihrauch • 1 John 5:3

1 John 5:3 delivers what seems like a simple message: "For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments. And his commandments are not burdensome." Yet, living by this verse is far from simple. God asks us to show him love in one way: by obeying him. Really, that means trusting him. But how willing are you to give up control of your entire life, trusting God to direct all that you do? And even if you did, would it actually feel "not burdensome?" This week, Pastor Zach talks about what it means to truly love God, and why, as scary as it may seem at times, we know we can trust him.

God is Love

August 9, 2020 • Zach Weihrauch • 1 John 4:7–12

God looked at us, each and every one of us, at our worst and even then thought we were so lovable and so worth it that he gave his own Son for us. We are loved by a father who has seen us in our lowest moments, who has known the depth of every sin and the weaknesses of our hearts, and still says we are worth dying for. This weekend, Pastor Zach reminded us to grab hold of the love of Christ and lean further into trusting him. He challenged us in that if the love of God is not radiating from us, we may be missing it altogether. Wherever you find yourself, know that you are personally known and fully loved by the God of the universe, and that he invites you to let his love change you and your circumstances today.

You Are a Mess

August 2, 2020 • Joe Coffey • 1 John 1:8—2:2

Why does it sometimes appear that people have it together? Why do we try so hard to do things on our own? It’s because we’re deceived. Deep down, all of us fail to see the depth of our sinfulness and desperation for Jesus—and we don’t run to him to be our Savior as a result. This weekend, Pastor Joe reminded us that we desperately need Jesus—every moment of our lives. We are not as good as we think we are. But there’s good news. When we realize how desperately we need a Savior—and that Jesus bought our forgiveness on the cross—we can fully abandon the idea that we can do it alone, and run to Jesus, our advocate, and receive grace and forgiveness for our sins.

The Letter of Love

July 26, 2020 • Joe Coffey • 1 John 1:1–4, 2 Corinthians 4:6

We often think that a relationship with Jesus equates to just knowing about him, but when we come to know Jesus—to really know him—we experience fullness of joy and real relationship with God. Everything changes when we come face to face with our good Father. And thankfully, we can know God fully and personally because of Jesus Christ. This weekend, we kicked off our Letter of Love message series in 1 John 1: 1–4.