9/13/2020 to 9/27/2020


September 27, 2020 • Joe Coffey • Matthew 28:16–20

Today, we finish our three-week sermon series introducing CCC's new vision for accomplishing the mission Jesus gave us: To make disciples of every nation. In past weeks, we have focused on spreading the gospel locally. This week, Pastor Joe explains how we can make an impact on an international level, striving to donate $30 million to global missions over the next 30 years. Hear how our giving has made an impact in the past and what we'll seek to achieve for God in the decades to come.

Every Community

September 20, 2020 • Joe Coffey • Matthew 28:18–20

This week, we continue diving into CCC’s recently unveiled 30-year vision for bringing the good news of Christ to the world around us. Pastor Joe explains Part 2 of the vision—our goal to plant 60 gospel-teaching churches on Northeast Ohio. Today, we celebrate the first two of those church plants, Story Church in Mayfield Heights and Wingfoot Church in Goodyear Heights, already holding their first services! Find out how our Orchard NEO team helped these churches get started, and how they are preparing to launch the next 58 church plants in our region.


September 13, 2020 • Joe Coffey • Matthew 28:18–20

CCC has existed for 39 years as a place for people to come to know Jesus, grow in their personal relationships with him, and find their place serving him. While we’ve grown significantly since we first opened our doors, our dedication to that core mission has never changed. Over time, we have rallied around annual themes that challenge us to grow spiritually and better love those around us. We have started campuses and seen them become independent. We have begun church planting through Orchard NEO. Now, we have been prayerfully considering the right long-term vision for our church, and we’re ready to unveil that vision to guide us for the next 30 years. This week, hear Pastor Joe explain not only what’s next for the church, but how it connects to what’s next for you, too.