Deliverance + Rahab

December 12, 2021 • Joe Coffey • Matthew 1:21, Matthew 1:2–5, Joshua 6:22–25

Pastor Joe continues our advent series in Joshua 6 with the story of Rahab. By unpacking her surprising story, we can see how deliverance is always undeserved, unexpected, and dependent on trust.

Redemption + Bathsheeba

December 26, 2021 • Jim Colledge • Matthew 1:2–6, 2 Samuel 11:26–27, 2 Samuel 12:24–25, Matthew 1:21

Pastor Jim Colledge wraps up our advent series "Hope Surprising" with the story of Bathsheeba out of 2 Samuel. Through her story, we can learn about the kings we have, the kings we want, and the king we need.

Belonging + Ruth

December 19, 2021 • Zach Weihrauch • Ruth 4:13–17, Matthew 1:21, Matthew 1:2–5

Pastor Zach continues our advent message series by looking at another woman from Jesus' genealogy, Ruth. Out of her surprising story in Ruth 4:13-17, we can find something necessary, something hidden, and something wonderful.

Justice + Tamar

December 5, 2021 • Zach Weihrauch • Matthew 1:2–3, Genesis 38:24–30, Matthew 1:21

Pastor Zach Weihrauch kicks off the first week of our Advent message series "Hope Surprising." Throughout December, we will take a look at the stories of four surprising women in the genealogy of Jesus. This week, we look at the difficult story of Tamar in Genesis 38 and how it reminds us of the advent of our world, the advent of our story, and the advent of our future. *Warning: The passage we are looking at this week includes mature themes and descriptions of assault.*