Terra Divina Contemplative Prayer Retreat

Exploring Wilderness and Renewal

March 24, 6:00pm - March 26, 2023 10:00am

Terra Divina, a divine beholding of the Earth, is a practice of immersing oneself in the rhythms of the natural world through presence and contemplation. So often we live our daily lives in an illusion of separateness from these sacred rhythms, finding ourselves ungrounded, in exile, and grasping for something we can’t quite name. During this Lenten weekend retreat we will practice seeing, remembering, and re-centering through contemplative prayer, solo wandering, council, somatic movement, and song. We will: - become Reacquainted with the land and ourselves, recognizing our relationship to Place as a sacred one. - Remember that we are not separate, but woven into a vast ecological web of Community - Recover a tradition of deep reciprocal relationships within this Community. - Embody and embrace themes of Lent in our circle, recognizing the seasonal rhythms present in our hearts, bodies and in the Land. The season of Lent is marked by prayer, fasting, and wandering the desolate places within us. During this retreat, you are invited to enter that wilderness, in surrender to the wild leading and tending of Spirit. This weekend retreat will be held at Proctor Center in London Ohio https://www.proctercenter.org/ from Friday March 24th 6pm- 10am Sunday March 26th. Meals are included, dietary preferences will be honored. Camping and lodging options and pricing: Tent camping (bring our own tent & supplies) with bathroom access and meals provided: $128 per person Cabin lodging and meals provided: $238 per person. Scholarships are available! Want to make a donation to help cover other community members' expenses for this retreat? Visit the giving page on the Cathedral's website and be sure to choose the Terra Divina Retreat Scholarship Fund to make make a donation today! Contact Megan Suttman, the Cathedral's Director of Contemplative Imagination & Family Engagement at msuttman@cccath.org with any questions about accessibility and possible scholarship options.