Lent Contemplative Prayer/ Julian of Norwich Study

March 1, 2023
6:00 - 7:30pm

This Lenten season we turn to 14th-century mystic and Anchorite Julian of Norwich. In her Revelations of Divine Love, Julian tells of a series of intense visions, or showings of Christ’s Passion experienced while suffering from severe illness and near death. Throughout these showings, Julian introduces us to Christ as the unconditionally loving Mother and the Cosmos, as an entirely benevolent reality informed by “friendliness, courtesy, and tender forgiveness”. At 6pm we share a meal then, starting at 6:30pm we will begin a grounding practice and contemplative prayer guided by the readings, followed by a conversation about the readings and practice. We will be working from Mirabai Starr’s contemporary translation of Julian’s work. Registration is required.