Praying Through

Summer at CP Series

June 23, 2019 • Pastor Rick Lorimer

How do you handle stress and sadness? Join us as Pastor Rick examines how Jesus coped with overwhelming circumstances hours before His crucifixion in Mark 14:32-42. NEXT STEPS: - Each day this week, I will watch and pray by carving out time to talk and listen to God. - This week, I will practice praying through the pressure. - Before next weekend, I will invite three people to attend Summer Splash.


Summer at Christ Place Series • June 16, 2019 • Guest Speaker, Jeff Grenell

"Our brokenness as a people and a nation is the perfect setting for God to do His greatest work because that imperfection places us in a position to receive the amazing grace of God. God does his GREATEST work in the midst of our GREATEST need." NEXT STEPS: - I will bring someone into my story to help me through to the end. - I will identify what attitude toward my circumstances has to be changed in me.

God Knows, and God Still Loves

Summer at Christ Place Series • June 9, 2019 • Pastor Rick Lorimer

Join us as we explore what is going through Jesus’ mind hours before his arrest and crucifixion. Pastor Rick raises the question how can Jesus know us the best and still love us the most. NEXT STEPS: - I’m signing up to for a baptism orientation today at www.ChristPlace.Church/Baptism. - This week, I’m asking God to expose my pride and help me embrace honesty. - Each day this week, I will lean into the fact that Jesus has gone before me.

What Jesus and Nacho Libre Have in Common

Summer at Christ Place • June 2, 2019 • Pastor Rick Lorimer

Join us this week as pastor Rick talks about what Nacho Libre and Jesus had in common. We dive into Matthew’s Gospel chapter three to understand by water baptism is a big deal to Jesus. NEXT STEPS: - Today, I’m signing up to be at one of the upcoming baptism orientations. www.christplace.church/baptism - This week, I will memorize Matthew 3:17.