Impacting Boston


Wrong Guy

February 10, 2019 • Kevin Marando

Most of us have messed up in major ways, and many of us feel like we've gone so far that God must be finished with us. Joseph was the leading character in Genesis 37-50, while his brother Judah remains a supporting role with major flaws. This Sunday our Discipleship Pastor Kevin Marando walks us through the story of Judah's failure and shows us a gracious Lord who does not give up on us.

God At Work

February 3, 2019 • David Butler

Our relationship with God was never meant to be compartmentalized. Instead, God wants us to include Him in all of life. One of the most important places for this relationship to bear on is the workplace. In part three of our Long Game series, Dr. David Butler gives us a look at Joseph's work in Potiphar's house and what it teaches about how we can see God in our work.

Shattered Dreams

January 27, 2019 • Josh Wyatt

Has life ever taken a turn for the unexpected? Maybe you've felt like your hopes and dreams have been shattered. This second week in our study of Joseph, we see his dream seemingly come crashing down. We learn how to trust that God is writing a better story for our lives than our difficult moments might suggest.