Hill Stories

with Tiffany Moore and Dave Wilson

Episode 04: Paul and Kiesha Conan

September 21, 2020

Hill Stories hears the amazing story of Paul and Kiesha Conan and their journey through the birth of their precious daughter, Ruth, and how they experienced the Lord’s faithful presence.

Episode 02: Marcio Torre

August 25, 2020

Hill Stories listens to Dr. Marcio Torre's story of how his cancer led him to a deeper and more true relationship with Jesus. Marcio shares insights from his personal Bible study, walking with friends, and from the little booklet by John Piper, Don’t Waste Your Cancer.

Episode 03: Greta Miller

August 25, 2020

Hill Stories sits down with Greta Miller as she opens up about how a season of accusation over their growing business helped them walk into a stronger relationship with Jesus and each other.

Episode 01: Introducing Hill Stories

August 17, 2020