Pastor Nathan Robinson's Testimony

Full-Length Version at Calvary Chapel of the Hudson Valley

May 6, 2023 • Pastor Nathan Robinson

Nathan Robinson grew up in New York City. Born into a home torn apart by violence and abuse he was later raised by his grandparents as an Orthodox Jew and went on to graduate Yeshiva University High School. He came to know Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior at 19 after seeing the film Fury to Freedom about Pastor Raul Ries.

Nathan served on the staff of Calvary Chapel West Covina back in the early 90’s under Pastor Raul Ries and later at Calvary Chapel Old Bridge with Pastor Lloyd Pulley ministering to many of the young people. Nathan is a 3x World Taekwondo champion and has taught students of all ages, including the U.S. Army Team at West Point.

Listen to Pastor Nathan's updated testimony from the 2023 Men's Conference "Love the Brotherhood," hosted by Calvary Chapel of the Hudson Valley!

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