John 1:33

He Will Baptize You with the Holy Spirit

March 14, 2021 • Andy Falleur

In our text today, John the Baptist proclaims two baptisms. There’s one that he’s doing with water, but he’s pointing to one that Jesus will do with the Holy Spirit. Here we look at baptism, it’s significance and importance and it’s symbolism throughout Scripture. This helps us to understand what’s not explained in John’s gospel. Are there two baptisms? Are these two events? Why was John baptizing? What is the baptism of the Spirit? Have I been baptized by the Holy Spirit? And, is this even possible in our days? Speaker: Andy Falleur Tags: #Bible Study, #Bible, #Study, #Calvary Chapel, #Calvary Ottawa, #Calvary chapel Ottawa, #Calvary bible Study, #Calvary Chapel Bible Study, #Calvary Chapel study, #Andy Falleur, #Gospel of John Bible Study, #John’s Gospel, #John 1 Bible Study, #John1:33 bible Study, #John 1:33 #St. John 1 Bible Study, #John the beloved, #gospel of john chapter 1, #John 1, #repentance, #repentance prayer, #john the baptist, “baptism, #second blessing, #baptism of the Spirit, #baptism of the Holy Ghost, #baptism of the Holy Spirit, #baptism of jesus, #water baptism, #water baptism teaching, #two baptisms, #ministry of the Holy Spirit, #one baptism, #filled with the Holy Spirit, #filled with the Holy Ghost, #he will baptize you with the Holy Spirit,

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John 9:1-42

Andy Falleur

John 9:1-42 "Visual Aid" In this Bible Study from Sunday morning at Calvary Fellowship of Ottawa, Pastor Andy Falleur read John 9 and talked about how the blind man there was a visual aid to Jesus’s declaration: “I am the light of the world.” It’s possible that he didn’t have eyes, because Jesus put dirt in his eyes, and no one recognized him after he was healed. It was also good to see how the man never saw Jesus, only heard his voice, and had to “blindly obey.” He’s so much like us, in that we are blinded by sin, may not get to see what the Lord wants to do, but need to simply trust and obey when we hear His word. This was a special Bible Study as we were gathered this week in the afternoon at Britannia Park in Ottawa. We had a baptism directly afterwards. Speaker: Andy Falleur #John 9, #john 9 bible study, #john 9 explained, #calvary ottawa, #calvary chapel ottawa, #calvary chapel bible study, #john 9 1-12, #john 9 13-34, #john 9 Jesus heals a blind man, #i am the light of the world, #a man born blind receives his sight,

John 8:12-59

August 15, 2021 • Andy Falleur

In this Bible Study from a Sunday morning at Calvary Fellowship of Ottawa, Pastor Andy Falleur reads from John 8:12-59, where Jesus is in a heated discussion with the Pharisees and Jews in Jerusalem about his origins. It’s a conversation that Jesus wants to have, and they are asking questions that he wants them to ask. He’s trying to get them to think and to consider not only who He is, but also trying to shake them from their self-delusion. We can often end up in the same place. Sometimes, we are so familiar with our religion and way of life and we haven’t truly encountered the magnitude of Jesus’s words and mission. He is the light of the world. Tags: #John 8, #john 8 bible study, #john 8 explained, #calvary ottawa, #calvary chapel ottawa, #calvary chapel bible study, #john 8 12, #john 8 32 explained, #john 8 31-42, #i am the light of the world, #who the son sets free is free indeed, #if the son sets you free you are free indeed, #your father Abraham rejoiced, #before Abraham was I am,

John 8:1-11

August 8, 2021 • Steve Weir

John 8:1-11 - "I See You" In this Bible Study at Calvary Fellowship of Ottawa on Sunday morning, Pastor Steve Weir read to us from John 7:53-8:11. He began with talking about textual criticism, breaking it down into three simple steps: location (where were the scriptural fragments found?), timing (what is the date of the fragments found), and numbers (the more that say the same thing the better). In fifteen minutes he summarized why John 7:53-8:11 should be in the Bible, and why the Bible can be trusted as the authoritative Word of God. He then went on to walk step by step through the text, drawing out the value Jesus placed on women, and His complete knowledge of the Law. The Bible study was loaded, but it was a great reminder that Jesus sees us, and extends grace to us no matter who we are, or what our situation may be. Speaker – Steve Weir Tags: #John 8:1-11, #john 8:1-11 bible study, #john 8:1-11 explained, #calvary ottawa, #calvary chapel ottawa, #calvary chapel bible study, #textual criticism, #woman caught in adultery, #He who is without sin, #stoning, #scribes, #Jesus and women, #go and sin no more,