Parents' Bootcamp

Session 1

July 29, 2021 • Sheronna Bishop

With hundreds in attendance and over 520+ online views in 2 days, Sherronna Bishop's "Passive No More" is a presentation that cannot be missed! Watch now to learn about: - the progressive agenda (LGBTQ+ etc.) in Colorado and across the USA - the HB1032 Comprehensive Sex Ed Bill and its impact on your children - the current status and symptoms of the COVID-19 vaccine and its effects on youth and more! Sherronna Bishop, AKA America’s Mom, is a Constitutional Conservative and American Patriot who bleeds red white and blue! She tenaciously defends core values of God-fearing Patriots who do not want to lose the freedoms and rights of all citizens who live in the greatest nation in the world. She tirelessly researches issues of our culture and constitution, and has a passion to ensure that all people, starting with the individual, maintain the right to life, liberty, and personal property. As a wife and mother of four, she is resolute in her defense of the relentless attack on our children and parental rights. In the midst of continuous attacks on the Western way of life, she brings hope and inspiration to those who feel arrested by political correctness and false narratives of our time.

Session 2

July 29, 2021 • Eric Davis, Stacy Adair

Eric Davis, Community Organizer for "Return to Liberty," moderates a panel including Stacy Adair, teacher and FEC Pikes Peak Education lead, and two high school students: Amanda Arant and Joel Sorenson.

Session 3

July 30, 2021 • Sloan Rachmuth

Sloan Rachmuth is the Executive Director of Pen & Shield, a nonprofit newsroom focused on covering government corruption, K-12 education, and religious bias in the U.S. She has been featured in the Federalist, the Daily Wire, Washington Examiner, JPost, and other Conservative publications. Sloan's powerful "Parent Assertiveness Training" will educate parents on the current status of what is taught in schools (Critical Race Theory and more!) and guide parents in how to fight for their children's public education. Download the attached PDF training materials.

Session 4

July 30, 2021 • Ken Davis, Aaron Salt, Jason Jorgenson

Ken Davis of the Culture Impact Team moderates Aaron Salt (Dt 20 SB candidate) and Jason Jorgenson (Dt 11 SB member) for discussion on report cards, mask/vaccine mandates in schools, and the suicide crisis.