CFAN Youth Messages

Senior Summer | Pastor Zach | Wk 3

Senior Summer | Pastor Brittany | Wk 4

Senior Summer | Foundation - Uriah Whener

Uriah is one of our Seniors who spoke from his own life on how he has made it through middle school and high school years as a strong Christian. His message is all about building a strong foundation on the Lord and how Job walked this out well in the Bible.

The Will of God

Pastor Zach teaching from out "Not by Sight" Series on discerning the will of God for your life.

Gifts of the Spirit | Word of Knowledge and Words of Wisdom

Pastor Zach from our "Not by Sight" Series teaching about faith.

Gifts of the Spirit | Faith

Joel Miranda during our "Not by Sight Series" teaching on the gift of Faith

Gifts of the Spirit | Discernment & Healing

Pastor Brittany from our "Not By Sight Series" teaching all about faith.