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Sermons and Series


The Resolute Redeemer Part 2 • December 8, 2018 • Pastor Joseph Sissac

In the book of Joshua the history of the Children of Israel redeeming the promised land of Canaan is recorded. Within that saga is hidden an unexpected character from whom we can all be inspired to be resolute in redeeming the promises of the Lord.


The Resolute Redeemer • December 1, 2018 • Pastor Joseph Sissac

In the marketplace, the term “redeem” is often associated with a coupon or voucher indicating that a retailer is giving the consumer an opportunity to receive a discount on a particular item or service.


Commended to Grace - Part 2 • November 24, 2018 • Pastor Joseph Sissac

Our Year End Resolution to be doers of the Word cannot be accomplished without the grace of God operating in our lives. To some degree God’s grace is already at work, for no one can accept Christ as Savior without it (Eph. 2:8).


Commended to Grace • November 17, 2018 • Pastor Joseph Sissac

Our resolution to be doers of the Word cannot be fulfilled without the grace of God. The Word, Faith, Wisdom and Grace are all a part of the blessing of walking with Christ. But we must learn to receive and apply them.

My Year End RESOLUTION: Week 2

Start the Blessings • November 10, 2018 • Pastor Joseph Sissac

A life lived with wisdom is a blessed life. But those who would be blessed must be resolute (firm determination) in heart to listen and accomplish by God’s grace the works of wisdom.

My Year End RESOLUTION: Week 1

Used To Be or Still Am? • November 3, 2018 • Pastor Joseph Sissac

Before we look ahead to the NEXT NEW THING, let’s determine with resolute hearts to look back, take a firm hold of the truths we have been given and put the Word to work.

Babylon A.D.: Week 8

Standing or Falling • October 27, 2018 • Pastor Joseph Sissac

Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah faced terrible things in Babylon, yet we are given very little indication that they lived in fear. Even though they were surrounded on all sides by people of different beliefs whom they couldn’t trust and were under constant threat and intimidation, they walked with faith, courage and hope in their God when facing Babylon.

Babylon A.D.: Week 7

THE EXTRAORDINARY SPIRIT • October 20, 2018 • Pastor Joseph Sissac

Daniel served under four world leaders in Babylon and continued to remain faithful to the Lord. He survived the overthrow of Babylon by the Persians and Medes and was given a high-ranking position of leadership within the new government.

Babylon A.D.: Week 6

Loading The Scale • October 14, 2018 • Pastor Joseph Sissac

We have come to know that King Nebuchadnezzar was the most powerful ruler in the earth, and this position was granted to him by God. Although Nebuchadnezzar was aware of this and acknowledged it, he persisted in a prideful heart until he was humbled by the hand of God and lost his mind for seven years (Dan. 4:28-33). It’s always better to be humbled by the Word of the Lord rather than the hand of the Lord.

Babylon A.D.: Week 5

Unrealized Influence • October 7, 2018 • Pastor Andrew Mason

Babylon A.D.: Week 4

Golden Images • September 29, 2018 • Pastor Joseph Sissac

Don’t just surround yourself with God’s wisdom, respond to it by elevating God and humbling yourself.

Babylon A.D.: Week 3

Stronger Together Part 2 • September 22, 2018 • Pastor France Huezo

For God to do a miracle all He needs is one man willing to obey Him, but His plan has never been for one man to work alone. He created us to be a family.

Babylon A.D.: Week 2

Stronger Together • September 15, 2018 • Pastor Joseph Sissac

This week we will look at how these four young men gained the strength and courage to trust God with their future.

Babylon A.D.: Week 1

Make Up Your Mind • September 8, 2018 • Pastor Joseph Sissac

Babylon was a powerful ancient city in 7th century B.C. The Bible is full of prophecies regarding both its rise and fall. In this series we will explore many of the parallels between ancient Babylon and our modern-day life and seek to learn from the experiences of God’s people living in a hostile world.

The Abider: Week 9

September 1, 2018 • Pastor Joseph Sissac

Today we’ll take a closer look at the practice of COMMUNION also known as The Lord’s Supper.