Loving Lifestyle Evangelism

Part 1: The Motivation

Larry Tomczak

As Christians, we all want to see other's lives transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ. It's especially meaningful when we are privileged to play a part in that experience. To share our faith freely and effectively, we all need fresh motivation. This first video encourages and equips you with the 4 essentials and Biblical motivations for lifestyle evangelism, bringing hope to humankind.

Part 2: The Message

Larry Tomczak

The Bible reveals God's message to us as His ambassadors plus His message through us to lost and broken people. Scripture also directs us "always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope you have."(1 Peter 3:15) This second video educates and empowers you to be skillful and successful in this life-changing assignment.

Part 3: The Model

Larry Tomczak

The New Testament unfolds the 3 essential elements of lifestyle evangelism modeled by Jesus, the disciples and the dynamic 1st century church. Without mass media, they overturned the pagan Roman Empire! Discover how seeking, warning and engaging non-Christians in the power of the Spirit results in authentic, gospel-transformed lives.

Part 4: The Method

Larry Tomczak

Learning to recognize divine appointments in sharing your faith is truly an exhilarating experience.! Stress, pressure and guilt are removed from your witnessing as you learn to partner with God in the process of sowing and reaping as He designed. This video helps you with 10 ways to establish relationships; 7 ways to skillfully "sow see"; eliminate religious jargon; and know the 10 transitional times when people are most receptive to God's love.

Part 5: The Miracle

Larry Tomczak

Jesus said everyone "must be born again" (John 3:7). This supernatural, amazing miracle we experience then enables us to reach out to others and help them find relationship with the living God. This closing video will inspire you with the 7 basics of lifestyle evangelism so you'll do this faithfully and enjoyably all the days of your life! Special thanks to my friend Michael W. Smith for singing the classic hymn "Just As I Am".