Bible School

Session 1

The Big Picture of Scripture • Pastor Ray McCollum

This particular course lays the foundation for all our Bible courses because it teaches you a whole new way to understand the Word of God; I call it the "prophetic perspective" or "the big picture of scripture". ***NOTE*** For anyone local to the Nashville or surrounding areas, Pastor Ray is making this course available for free to those who attend in-person. This Bible school course (and courses) will eventually be available on his website (Pastorray.com) for purchase and still in process of being filmed. This first session of Course 101 will give you an example of what to expect content wise while also providing an intimate, one-on-one teaching of the sessions. These sessions are recorded at a different time and the in-person teachings will be laid back, relaxed, and have an open-floor discussion afterwards. Seating is limited so we ask you to call Pastor Ray to reserve a seat and get directions if you plan on attending (615-477-2912).