Like Sweet, Sweet Honey

April 29, 2021 • Pastor Kent Landhuis • 90 Seconds of Encouragement

Inspired by the song, "Holy Water", Kent brings these 90 seconds of encouragement. To listen to the song on Youtube, click the "Listen to Holy Water" button above.

Is the Joy of God your strength?

May 13, 2021 • Pastor Kent Landhuis

Scripture tells us that God has made this day, therefore rejoice! What is the source of this joy? And how are we to respond? Enjoy these 90 seconds with Pastor Kent.

A Shelter in a Time of Storm

May 6, 2021 • Pastor Kent Landhuis

In times of danger, storm and trouble, our hearts seek a place of refuge. Be encouraged by these 90 seconds with Pastor Kent and seeking God as our refuge.

Blessing and Cursing

April 22, 2021 • Pastor Kent Landhuis

The power of blessing and cursing... Be encouraged with these 90 seconds.