Room For Christmas

Room For Hope

Ben Snyder • December 2, 2018

Ben Snyder points out that we can only experience what we have room to receive. We must be sure to have room for God to bring us hope.

Room For Wonder

Ben Snyder • December 9, 2018

Ben Snyder describes how putting "wow" before "how" allows us to have room for wonder in life.

Room For Others

Eric Williams • December 16, 2018

Eric Williams outlines how life is a gift from God and our legacy is built by leaving room for others.

Room For Christmas

Ben Snyder • December 23, 2018

Ben Snyder reminds us that God made room for us. Are we making room for Him this Christmas?

Room To Reflect

Ben Snyder • December 30, 2018

Ben Snyder challenges us to consider the ways we have known God, found freedom, discovered purpose, and made a difference in the past year.