Jesus VS Home Town Haters

Ben Snyder • March 10, 2019

Ben Snyder discusses the importance of remembering that God is for us even when we feel like everyone else is against us.

Jesus VS The Tempter

Dr. Calvin Sweeney • March 17, 2019

Guest speaker Dr. Calvin Sweeney reminds us that when the tempter comes to test us, it is God's word that protects us.

Jesus VS Family

Andy Rectenwald • March 24, 2019

Andy Rectenwald shows how Jesus focused on the inside and on God's plan for him when he was faced with opposition all around him.

Jesus VS Caiaphas

Ben Snyder • March 31, 2019

Ben Snyder explains that following Jesus will cost you, but fighting him will cost you more.

Jesus VS Judas

Josh Whitlow • April 7, 2019

Josh Whitlow discusses how pain in our lives is inevitable, so we should try to give that pain a purpose.

Jesus VS Pilate

Ben Snyder • April 14, 2019

Ben Snyder explains the difference between potential and purpose and why your purpose matters the most.

Jesus VS God

Ben Snyder • April 21, 2019

Ben Snyder reminds us this Easter that transformation begins when we trust the truth.