Take Issue With Your Issues

Ben Snyder • September 9, 2018

Ben Snyder explains that getting to the real issue is the fastest way toward real solutions.

I Need More Time

Ben Snyder • September 16, 2018

Ben Snyder explores how Jesus is a great example of how to manage time by clarifying the "why" in order to prioritize the what, where, and when.

I Need More Money

Ben Snyder • September 23, 2018

Ben Snyder discusses principals of finding financial freedom by properly counting costs.

I Need Less Drama

Ben Snyder • September 30, 2018

Ben Snyder speaks about how to deal with drama by giving strategies for confronting others and handling being confronted.

We All Need Better Mental Health

Dr. Jason Brouwer, PHD • October 7, 2018

Guest speaker Dr. Jason Brouwer, PHD, Clinical Psychologist joins Ben Snyder to provide practical ways for us to improve our mental health by learning a better approach to troubling situations.