Refresh (Week 1)

Ben Snyder • June 2, 2019 •

Ben Snyder speaks on the key to being refreshed.

Refresh (Week 2)

Ben Snyder • June 9, 2019 •

Ben Snyder explains how to live with high hopes and open hands in order to have surrendered expectations.

Refresh (Week 3)

Ben Snyder • June 16, 2019 •

Guest speaker comedian Andrew Stanley talks with Ben Snyder about how God continues the work he has started in our lives.

Refresh (Week 4)

Barb Roose • June 23, 2019

Guest speaker and author Barb Roose shares about what it means to choose better over bitter.

Refresh (Week 5)

Chris Baney • June 30, 2019

Findlay Campus Pastor Chris Baney teaches how living a life of contentment will lead to a life of refreshment.