Live Like _ Matters

Live Like _ Matters (Week 1)

Ben Snyder • August 4, 2019

Ben Snyder explains how we become what matters most to us.

Live Like _ Matters (Week 2)

Josh Whitlow • August 11, 2019

Josh Whitlow teaches us how to lean on faith when we feel surrounded by life's circumstances.

Live Like _ Matters (Week 3)

Ben Snyder • August 18, 2019

Ben Snyder explains the importance of finding your voice and using it. We all have a story and God wants us to tell it to others.

Live Like _ Matters (Week 4)

Ben Snyder • August 25, 2019

Ben Snyder shows how Jesus invites us on a life-changing adventure and wants us to invite others as well.

Live Like _ Matters (Week 5)

Casey Greenawalt • September 1, 2019

Casey Greenawalt explains the importance of living in community with others.