Where's Norm?

Week 1: Don’t let THIS get the best of you.

Ben Snyder • August 9, 2020

Ben Snyder discusses how to navigate life as "normal" is changing.

Week 2: Signs You’re Stuck and How To Get Out

Ben Snyder • August 16, 2020

Ben Snyder talks about navigating the endings in our life and learning to let go.

Week 3: What You Think Will Help But Really Hurts

Ben Snyder • August 23, 2020

Ben Snyder teaches about the ways we cope with seasons of waiting.

Week 4: What We’re Waiting For But Don’t Really Love

Ben Snyder • August 30, 2020

Ben Snyder speaks on the difference between being ready and being prepared.

Week 5: Who is Your Neighbor?

Campus Pastors • September 6, 2020

Campus Pastors explore the parable of the good Samaritan.