April 8, 2018 • Pastor Bill Strayer

The theme of John 15 is abiding Who we are abiding in - John 15:1 What is abiding? Abiding is continual Leviticus 6:12-13 Abiding is a choice - John 15 Abiding is walking in the spirit - Galatians 5:16-23

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The Damascus Road

Straight Street - Which will you choose? • April 22, 2018 • Pastor Tony Salerno

Acts Chapter 9 represents a transitional phase in the spread of the gospel from the Apostle Peter to the Apostle Paul, from Jew to Gentile


Give no opportunity to the devil to take you out • April 19, 2018 • Pastor Bill Strayer

Mark 5:6-12 We have two choices when the enemy attacks: 1. Give in and give up 2. Stand against the enemy Think what you are thinking about - Phil 4:8


April 15, 2018 • Pastor Bill Strayer

Abiding - is two things: 1. Knowing the Lord wants to spend personal time with us 2. The believer spending time with Jesus on a daily basis