Marriage Matters-Session 1

Matters of Authority

October 14, 2018 • Kenny Pope • Trusting the Authority of God in your life.

1. Where does your help come from? 2. Asking. 3. Understanding the reasons why we do not ask. 4. Who is God?

Marriage Matters-Session 2

Matters of the Heart-Time with Jesus • October 14, 2018 • Kenny Pope

1. Benefits and Instruction 2. Benefits of peace, strength and commitment. 3. Relationship 4. Trust and Faith 5. Time

Marriage Matters-Session 3

Matters of the Will-Praying for your Spouse • October 21, 2018 • Kenny Pope

Praying for physical, emotional and spiritual needs is important for our relationships. We hope this lesson will help you take a different approach to you prayer life and praying specifically for your spouse.

Marriage Matters-Session 4

Matters of Priorities • October 28, 2018 • Kenny Pope

I. Focusing on what is important II.Identifying and arranging priorities III. Marital Decisions-Conflict IV. How do I keep my priorities in line?