Biblical Wisdom and Social Media


Wise Use of Social Media

Our Cultural Moment • May 21, 2021 • Nate Schill

This presentation covers using social media wisely. We examine a form of idolatry known as “syncretism,” or being careful to avoid serving and worshipping our digital technologies alongside the true and living God. We discuss the apostle Paul’s time in Athens in Acts 17 when there was a constant influx of “newness” of ideas, pontifications, and idolatry. We see how Paul effectively used this opportunity to bring truth to a space that was regularly churning out moral relativism–a wise approach to using social media. And we discuss the Bible’s clear voice on the meaning of wisdom including how we use our speech (even our thumbs) within these digital platforms, and pursuing sources of wisdom.

Behind the Curtain of Social Media

Our Cultural Moment • May 3, 2021 • Nate Schill

This presentation covers what is “behind the curtain” of social media. Most research focuses on the “user” or the individual when understanding how social media impacts people mentally and emotionally. We tackle the spiritual impact and answered the question, “Is social media a neutral tool, merely a platform to be used for good or evil”? An important study in a time of “cancel culture” and censorship and how Christians can continue to be filled with the Holy Spirit and humbly follow Christ.