Life Together

January 16, 2013

January 16, 2013 • Pastor Tom Crenshaw • Acts 2:42 (4689)

Humility and the Disciple - Part 1

Thursday - June 20, 2019 • June 20, 2019 • Pastor Lloyd Pulley

Today we resume our series in the gospel of Matthew. And in chapter eighteen, Jesus is asked by His disciples “who is the greatest in the Kingdom?” Humility was something these guys needed a good dose of, obviously. Jesus knew just what to say. We will explore His answer today, in Matthew eighteen.

Paul's R & R - Revival or Riot

Pancho Juarez - June 19, 2019 • June 19, 2019 • Pastor Pancho Juarez

Pastor Pancho Juarez of The Ark Montebello will be speaking at our mid-week service.

World History in a Dream Interpretation of Nebuchadnezzar's Dream - Part 2

Wednesday - June 19, 2019 • June 19, 2019 • Pastor Lloyd Pulley

The Bible’s predictions have a 100% success rate in accuracy. The book of Daniel is a great example of this and that’s where our focus lies on today’s edition of Bridging the Gap. Pastor Lloyd takes us to Daniel two, and relates this intriguing story to what’s going on around us in the year 2019.