Vertical Identity - Session 3G "Girls"

Jenn Miller, Karen Pulley & Amber Morton - April 16, 2016

April 16, 2016 • Jenn Miller, Karen Pulley & Amber Morton • Assorted Scriptures (VI16-3G)

Who You Are Is More Than Who You're With Now More Than Ever... Twenties and teens are defining themselves by horizontal relationships with others. They are looking for a person to complete them when the only one who can complete them is the One who made them.

Forgiveness and the DIsciple - Part 2

Tuesday - June 25, 2019 • June 25, 2019 • Pastor Lloyd Pulley

Matthew was a former tax collector when he wrote this narrative of the life of Jesus, and he must have had plenty of disagreements with other people during his tax collecting days. How should we deal with the disagreeable among us, the “difficult people”? Jesus has some important words for us on this subject - and the key word is forgiveness.

Forgiveness and the DIsciple - Part 1

Monday - June 24, 2019 • June 24, 2019 • Pastor Lloyd Pulley

Today on Bridging the Gap, Pastor Lloyd Pulley begins a study in Matthew eighteen, verses ten through twenty five. Jesus addresses the topic of disagreement, and the most important ingredient in getting through them - forgiveness. The story is familiar to most Christians - a man who owed his employer a lot of money - and had no way of paying it back.

The Freedom Forgiveness Gives

Ed Taylor - June 23, 2019 • June 23, 2019 • Pastor Ed Taylor

Pastor Ed Taylor of Calvary Chapel Aurora, CA, will be speaking at our Sunday morning service.