Looking Deeper

An Inductive Bible Study

Isaiah 34:16 says “Search from the book of the LORD, and read...." The word "search" in this verse means "investigate" -- we are to investigate the Word of God as one who sought to uncover a great mystery. If you have ever observed something really closely, you'll notice that every time you look, the longer you look, and the more you consider what you are looking at, the more the picture becomes clear. And yet the more you look, you also discover how much more there is to see. The realization dawns on you that, although you can see more now than ever before, there is an infinite number of things to see in even the tiniest detail. This is the way we are seeking to study the Word of God in our Wednesday Night "Looking Deeper" series. We want to look, and look, and look, and then look again at the Word of God. And in doing so learn to see more than we have ever seen before. This study will be every Wednesday Night @6:30 at Calvary Chapel Living Hope Main Sanctuary. There will be videos as well as documents sent out via email, so you if you desire to sign up for these please click the attachment above. If you have any more questions please contact Matt at the attached number.