Wednesday Night Service

What Jesus Thinks of the Church

What Jesus Thinks of the Church: Wednesday Night Discipleship Study Believing, as we have for many years at Calvary Chapel Living Hope, that the coming of Jesus is near, we are obliged by the Word of God that these days will be characterized by a degradation in society. We cannot run from the conclusions given by God's Word--that the world is heading toward a low point in history called the Great Tribulation. BUT CHURCH DOES NOT HAVE TO GO THAT WAY TOO! Although the world is passing away, those who do the will of God will abide forever. It is our prayer and constant vigilance at Calvary Chapel Living Hope to exhort, encourage, and even content with the Christ's church in order to see her not go the way of the world. There is much deception that has entered the church in our day, which is why we are beginning our next study on the Last Days. We must know what Jesus intends us to be, and we hope to find many answers in this study. Our current Wednesday night study series is called "The Last Days." Every week we will Our prayer is to prepare our men to humbly receive the the consolation of the Lord through a heavenly perspective even though the world is going the direction it is going. Themes: The Rapture: What, Why, When, and why the when Matters Signs of the Times: Foresee More than just the Weather The Tribulation: It's not real peace The Great Tribulation: Why do we need to know if we're raptured? The Second Coming: Feet on the Ground, everything changes The Millenium: Is heaven on earth? New Jerusalem: Is heaven still on earth? As part of our desire to make Wednesday nights more accessible for families and those with young children, we have changed the time of our service. From now on Wednesday night service will begin at 6:30p and end at 8:00p. We are offering full childcare for this service, from infants up, and for this reason we are very interested in volunteers if you desire to help with this ministry. The format will continue to be as following: 1) Worship 2) A Message 3) Small groups group Q&A *The service will be live-streamed and one of the small groups will be a zoom meeting with those who are following on livestream. If you are interested in more information on this service, please contact Matt at 760-717-0009, or at the links attached.