Advance 2017

May 2017

Things happen at Redemption because of generosity of time, talent, and treasures (money). This month, we take a look at The Well's Youth Coaches. The Well is our ministry to middle and high school students. Depending on your background, a time of giving at church may inspire a multitude of thoughts and emotions. If Redemption is your church home, make it a goal to be radical in your giving, making your non-church friends think you're a little weird, because, as a follower of Jesus, you should be a little weird compared to everyone else. Be completely generous as God has been completely generous to you buy freely giving you salvation and see just what God can do with that dollar He has given you.

Following A Dollar

January 2017

When you give a single dollar at Redemption, what happens next?

Night To Shine

February 2017

Giving of time, talent, and treasures allowed Redemption (along with assistance from the Tim Tebow Foundation) to host Night To Shine in February 2017.

Redemption Loogootee Campus

March 2017

Giving of time, talent, and treasures allowed Redemption to open a new campus in Loogootee, Indiana, in December 2016. This is our first multi-site location.